Breast Augmentation

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Dr. Wilder’s Philosophy on Breast Procedures

As far as breast augmentations, Dr. Wilder says if he could have his preference, no one would even know his patients have had surgery. They would just look like they have a great figure, but look “in proportion”.

Dr. Wilder also believes “less is more”. What he means by this is if he can do less surgery for a patient and the patient be happy, it is a win! He educates them on their options. For example, if a patient could do a mastopexy (breast lift) alone and lift their own tissue without adding volume (augmentation) he gives them that option. Even though that is less surgery now and in the future for him, he is thinking what is best for the patient.

Breast Augmentation surgery refers to the enhancement of the breasts with an implant. Some women have breasts that never developed satisfactorily, while others have lost fullness as the result of pregnancy or weight loss. The procedure increases the fullness and projection of the breasts providing a more proportional figure. It can also help correct breast asymmetry. It is usually done on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. Dr. Wilder performs-his procedures at Austin Surgical Hospital, a very private award winning hospital for outstanding medical care.

There are four decisions that the patient will be involved in making:

  • Type of implant (silicone vs. saline)
  • Incision site (under the breast, around the areola, or in the axilla)
  • Placement of implant (under the pectoral muscle or directly behind the breast
  • Size
  • Size of implants
  • Types of breast implants
  • Gummy bear implants

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Mentor Memory Gel Breast Implant


“I had a Breast Augmentation done at the age of 56 a week ago today. I can’t even tell you how happy I am with the surgery. My breast came out perfect. Dr Wilder is awesome and his right arm girl Tricia, she is amazing as well. I highly recommend Dr Wilder for any breast surgeries. Dr Wilder and Tricia took the time to talk to me about what size I wanted, even I wasn’t sure at the time. But they nailed it perfectly. I’m just so pleased of the out come. Bring on next summer. Love you guys. Thank you so much again for giving me the body I’ve always wanted for years.”

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Breast Procedure FAQ

  • How do I choose the size of implant?

    Dr. Wilder chooses implant sizes and styles based on a patient’s preoperative appearance combined with “wish” photographs of what the patient would like to look like after the surgery. This is done by looking at the before -and-after gallery of photos and finding women who have a similar appearance to the patient in the “before” picture and selecting one that most closely resembles what they would like to see as their own “after” picture. Trying implants on in a bra for size may come close, but it doesn’t give you any idea of what your breasts will actually look like with those implants inside of you.

  • What is the difference between silicone and saline breast implants?

    All implants currently are made entirely of silicone. The saline implants are an empty shell of silicone rubber that are filled with saline (salt water) during the actual operation. The silicone gel implants have a similar silicone rubber shell, but are pre-filled at the factory with additional silicone in the form of a gel designed to approximate the feel of normal breasts. The gel-filled implants therefore have a more natural feel which is especially noticeable in thinner patients.

  • How do I know what incision is right for me?

    Unless you are having a breast lift at the time of your implant placement, Dr. Wilder usually recommends an incision hidden in the crease under your breast. This incision allows the most direct access to the implant space, avoids scars on the breast itself, allows for revisions in the future, and is visible only to someone with whom you are intimate.

  • How long do I have to wait until I can exercise again?

    While you can go for walks and use your arms immediately after surgery, Dr. Wilder recommends avoiding any exercise that elevates your heart rate, causes you to sweat, or involves lifting more than 10 pounds for three weeks following breast augmentation surgery.

Your Breast Augmentation will be performed by Dr. Fred Wilder in Austin, TX

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