Breast Implant Exchange

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Breast Implant Exchange, which involves replacement of saline or silicone breast implants, is performed to change the size or type of your implants and to correct any complications from your primary breast augmentation. The overall goal is to restore a youthful breast contour and appearance. (The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).

Breast implants are not lifelong devices, but every patient will have a different experience. If there is a change in your breast implant with the look or feel that you are unhappy with, you should consider consulting with Dr. Wilder.

When Is a Breast Implant Exchance Necessary?

Whether you need to undergo a breast implant exchange is something that your doctor will determine. However, the following signs are indicators that you should consider having your breast implants replaced:

  • Unhappiness regarding breast size or feel – The results you once desired from your primary breast augmentation may now feel inadequate. If you are feeling unhappy regarding the size of your breasts and want an increase, you may require new larger breast implants. Similarly, you may feel like you are now too large you may want to consider smaller implants. If you are unhappy about the feel of your implants, you may require a different implant type.
  • You feel your implants moving – Breast implants are meant to move in order to simulate the movement of natural breasts. The pockets created are typically larger than the size of the implants in order to achieve this movement and to improve the quality of future mammograms. If you feel like your implants move excessively you should discuss this with your surgeon.
  • You experience capsular contracture – The body naturally forms a protective scar-tissue capsule around a breast implant following breast augmentation surgery. In some cases, the scar capsule can become thick and hard, contracting around the implant. This condition, known as capsular contracture, can create an unnatural appearance and feel. It can even progress to the point of causing discomfort and pain. During breast implant exchange, the capsule can be altered or removed to address capsular contracture.
  • Ruptured silicone implants – In some cases, the outside shell of the implant breaks down causing silicone to leak and the scar tissue around the implant to harden. This can only be fully detected through an MRI or an implant removal. During the time of the removal, the surgeon can safely replace the implant.
  • Ruptured saline implants – When a saline implant is ruptured, it leaks and deflates. The contents of a saline implant are harmless and are safely absorbed by the surrounding tissues, but this will obviously cause a change in breast size and appearance.


Once your breast implant exchange procedure has been completed, you will return home to rest and heal. The healing process varies based on the specifics of each patient’s case, and post-surgical care directions will be given to you by Dr. Wilder.

Generally, a degree of bruising and swelling will be present for a time. Time off from work may be necessary, and it will be important to avoid physically strenuous activities like sports and heavy exercise.

  • Breast Implant Revision
  • Saline or Silicone Breast Implants Replacement

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“I have been so happy and pleased with the blank slate you took and gave it such a beautiful shape. My breasts are beautiful and well proportioned for my body size and they are far more beautiful than I had ever expected or imagined.”

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The cost of a breast implant exchange procedure is impacted by several factors. The price depends on the complexity of the procedure, and whether an implant is required.


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